The Trouble with Harry by Jack Trevor Story

Every child is different. That is what we say, right? When in reality, it goes something like this: every child is different, but some are more different than others (paying homage to a classic there). No one says the latter portion aloud and, of course, as a child I fell squarely in the ‘more different’Continue reading “The Trouble with Harry by Jack Trevor Story”

Bag of Bones by Stephen King

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, so in honor of this, I will be reviewing (and whole heartedly recommending) one of my favorite novels of all time – Stephen King’s Bag of Bones. Bag of Bones is what I would consider a departure from typical Stephen King books. First and foremost,Continue reading “Bag of Bones by Stephen King”

Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman: review and recipe

Sally and Gillian Owens are orphaned at a very young age. Knowing that someone had to be responsible, 4 year old Sally takes fate into her own hands and calls her Aunts and asks to be taken in. Somewhat reluctantly they agree, and so begins the story of Sally and Gillian. In their new town,Continue reading “Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman: review and recipe”

A Discovery of Witches (and a selection of teas)

So how do you review one of your favorite books to date? You don’t (you instantly reread it instead). You procrastinate – big time. At least that is how it turned out in my case. Yes, I included it on my list of favorite books from 2011 (found here, it came in at #8), butContinue reading “A Discovery of Witches (and a selection of teas)”

Delicacy by David Foenkinos: a lesson in perfect first date drinks

Natalie and Francois fall deeply in love over a quick drink of apricot juice (the perfect first lunch date drink) following a chance sidewalk encounter. Their love for each other is profound, the kind that transcends time and makes marriage look simple and blissful. Abruptly, their love ends just as suddenly when Francois dies afterContinue reading “Delicacy by David Foenkinos: a lesson in perfect first date drinks”