Stephen King’s top ten villains

Stephen King is certainly one of the more prolific writers of the macabre, but of his many villains, which ones are the scariest? Without further ado, here are my top ten Stephen King characters that I would never, ever want to meet in a dark alley (or, frankly, in broad daylight), but thoroughly enjoy on the written page.

10. The Crimson King

9. Atropos

8. Jack Torrance (via the Overlook)

7. Patrick Hockstetter

6. Norman Daniels

5. George Stark

4. Andre Linoge

3. Randall Flagg

2. Annie Wilkes

1. Pennywise

Agree? Disagree? Was someone left out? Who are your top Stephen King villains?

Photos:, here, here, here.

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