Favorite contemporary fiction authors: A top ten list

This week’s top ten list: favorite contemporary fiction authors (as hosted by The Broke and The Bookish). I’m defining contemporary authors as currently living, currently publishing (as in more than one book) fiction writers. In no particular order:

10. Deborah Harkness

9. Joe Hill

8. Bret Easton Ellis

7. Ian McEwan

6. John Sandford

5. Kate Morton

4. Richard Russo

3. Jeffrey Eugenides

2. Stephen King

1. John Irving

What genre did you choose? Any contemporary authors I missed out on?

Image: Literary flowchart found here.


12 thoughts on “Favorite contemporary fiction authors: A top ten list

    1. Horns is being made into a movie right now with Daniel Radcliffe as Ignatius! I wish they’d make A Discovery of Witches into a movie, though I can’t imagine it’d live up to the novel (a rare feat).


  1. Harkness and King are two authors whose work I enjoy. King is so prolific isn’t he – wow! Joe Hill is an author I’d like to try too. Fabulous list!


  2. Phew! I had to scroll down to find John Irving 😉

    Easton Ellis interesting choice – I really liked his early stuff but must admit that Imperial Bedrooms made me sick to my stomach (I guess it’s good writing if it’s that powerful… but really turned me off).


    1. Funnily enough, he was the only one I hesitated to include on the list. Initially, I included Alice Hoffman, but Ellis really does cause me to think more. He might be more appropriately on a list of thought provoking authors because I can’t say I LOVE his work (and some of it actively disgusts me). Hmmm…


  3. 1. Suzanne Collins
    2. J.K, Rowling
    3. Louise Rennison
    4. Megan Whelan Turner
    5. Terry Pratchett
    6. Douglas Adams (He’s only a little bit dead.)
    7. Meg Cabot
    8. Clive Cussler (Not to be confused with his son, Dirk Cussler, who can’t write to save his life.)
    9. Beth Labonte (You should read her. After all, I read Penelope.)
    10. Melissa Pearl
    : D


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