In Case You Missed it… (Because I did too)

Every year I fall further and further behind on the newly released books I want to read. I figure that if I write this list and share it with you, I will, at the very least, remember which ones I want to read. Maybe a little peer pressure will help…

For what everyone else missed too, check out The Broke and The Bookish.

2014 Books Covers

10. The Bees // Laline Paull 
09. Prisoner 489 // Joe R. Lansdale*
08. Bird Box // Josh Malerman*
07. Ancient Oceans of Central Kentucky // David Connerly Nahm
06. Station Eleven // Emily St. John Mandel
05. The Wives of Los Alamos // TaraShea Nesbit
04. The Martian // Andy Weir
03Through the Woods // Emily Carroll
02. Redeployment // Phil Kay
01. An Untamed State // Roxanne Gay

eading now

It’s quite the list. So… Where should I start?



39 thoughts on “In Case You Missed it… (Because I did too)

  1. I should have added The Bees – heard great things. Also Wives of Los Almos looks good – not sure it’s made it to Australia yet…


    1. I think An Untamed State is going to be my first goal, but Station Eleven is a close second.

      The Bees is my book club’s April pick, so I will definitely get that one done at some point in the near future.


  2. I liked The Martian, and I just finished An Untamed State (amazing). I also have Redeployment on my list, and I want to read Ancient Oceans of Central Kentucky. Great list, Rory!


  3. I’m definitely reading Station Eleven cause the reviews have been great. The Martian has sounded good too, but it’s also a movie come November 2015. So I’m going to read it closer to that date.


  4. I’ve read two of these, BIRD BOX and STATION ELEVEN. Both are unique takes on the usual dystopian genre. BIRD BOX is super tense and suspenseful, while STATION ELEVEN is quieter. Still eerie, though. I haven’t read the others, but THE BEES sounds really intriguing to me.



  5. I’ve been meaning to tackle The Martian and An Untamed State for a while now. Why is it still impossible to get all the books into my head?


  6. Bird Box was fantastic, I can’t wait to see what you think of it. I also loved The Martian and Through the Woods had some of the most marvelous artwork. Station Eleven and An Untamed State are still on my TBR too!


  7. Bird Box was fantastic, but The Martian is the book from last year I recommended to anyone and everyone (even if they didn’t ask, and regardless of what they liked to read in general) and no one was disappointed.


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