Wild by Cheryl Strayed: A Menu

There is no right way to react to grief, but I’m pretty sure we can all agree that heroin is the wrong way. Yet that is one of the paths Cheryl Strayed pursues in the wake of her mother’s death. Others include divorce, promiscuity, failing to finish school, and undertaking a solo trek into theContinue reading “Wild by Cheryl Strayed: A Menu”

Breathe by Kristen Ashley

So. Where to begin…? As the least romantic person I know, I stepped outside of my comfort zone this weekend. I read a romance novel. Yes, you read that right. And not just any romance novel, a romance novel featuring a debauched cop and a virginal librarian… (Beat that, I dare you.) And you knowContinue reading “Breathe by Kristen Ashley”

The Dead Zone by Stephen King

It’s oddly unnerving to read a novel that was intended to be politically ridiculous when it was written – well before I was even born – that is instead significantly relevant today. When Stephen King wrote ‘The Dead Zone’, I sincerely doubt he had 21st century politics in mind. But in his foolish caricature ofContinue reading “The Dead Zone by Stephen King”

& Sons by David Gilbert

David Gilbert’s new novel ‘& Sons’ will be one of the best novels published this year. Yes, I said it. And obviously you can trust me, my taste is impeccable (in all facets, no?). My narration and advice is never unreliable (unlike the narrator in this novel). I’ve not steered you wrong yet, except forContinue reading “& Sons by David Gilbert”