Literary Tourism: A Top Ten (Bucket) List

Not surprisingly, I’ve done a lot of what is (now) often termed literary tourism. I’ve visited the Emily Dickinson Museum and Edith Wharton’s home (The Mount). I’ve seen Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House and, my personal favorite, The House of Seven Gables Museum. I’ve even been to Walden Pond. (Please note all of those areContinue reading “Literary Tourism: A Top Ten (Bucket) List”

Thankful: A Top Ten List

I debated whether to take this week’s list seriously or not. I debated even participating (it was not a good day, it involved a broken appliance). The prompt? Things I’m thankful for. I can assure you, at this moment, that my washer is not one of them. But otherwise I’m thankful for a lot ofContinue reading “Thankful: A Top Ten List”

& Sons by David Gilbert

David Gilbert’s new novel ‘& Sons’ will be one of the best novels published this year. Yes, I said it. And obviously you can trust me, my taste is impeccable (in all facets, no?). My narration and advice is never unreliable (unlike the narrator in this novel). I’ve not steered you wrong yet, except forContinue reading “& Sons by David Gilbert”

Fiction to Film: A Top Ten List

In a topic near and dear to my heart, this week’s top ten list is movies based of books. I’ve done this a few times already (see here, here, and here), luckily there is no shortage of material for lists like these. I’m splitting this into five good and five bad adaptations. As I’ve previouslyContinue reading “Fiction to Film: A Top Ten List”

Literary Pairings: Books & Music

I’m trying out a new (monthly? weekly?) feature here on FSR. Although I generally pair books with food mentioned within the text, I thought I’d pair favorite quotations with a thematically matching song. Am I the first to do this? Certainly not. I’m not sure there are any original ideas in the world anymore, butContinue reading “Literary Pairings: Books & Music”

So You Have Issues…? A Top Ten List

Don’t we all. This week’s top ten list? Books that deal with tough issues (as hosted by The Broke and the Bookish). 10. White Oleander by Janet Fitch. Abandonment and adversity. 9. The Stand by Stephen King. Survival, the flu, and the evil machinations of the government. 8. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. Love andContinue reading “So You Have Issues…? A Top Ten List”

Why Didn’t I Like That? A Top Ten List

Sometimes a book that should be perfect for you, that everyone insists that you’ll love, falls flat. That sticky situation is this week’s top ten list: books I should’ve love, but didn’t (as hosted by The Broke and The Bookish). I warn you, it could be a controversial list. There’s a Pulitzer Prize winner, aContinue reading “Why Didn’t I Like That? A Top Ten List”

Boston: A Top Ten List

With all of the horrible things going on in Boston right now (Illinois and Texas, I’m thinking of you too), I thought I would share some of the wonderful things about the city. I love Shakespeare on the Common, the Red Sox, Swan Boats, the Freedom Trail, and the pizza – it’s better than NewContinue reading “Boston: A Top Ten List”

Admitting You’re a Nerd Is the First Step: A Top Ten List

The first step to what, I don’t know… This week’s top ten list: best bookish memories (as hosted by The Broke and The Bookish). In chronological order? The first time I read IT by Stephen King (you knew he’d be on this list somehow). I was 12 and the lone member of the Loser(s) Club.Continue reading “Admitting You’re a Nerd Is the First Step: A Top Ten List”

Being thankful: A top ten list

Today I am thankful. I am thankful for the authors and books that inspire me. Books, and the authors who write them, have made me happy and sad and angry and afraid and fulfilled and understood and a little less alone. I am in awe of you. So in honor of this, I am givingContinue reading “Being thankful: A top ten list”