Thankful: A Top Ten List

I debated whether to take this week’s list seriously or not. I debated even participating (it was not a good day, it involved a broken appliance). The prompt? Things I’m thankful for. I can assure you, at this moment, that my washer is not one of them. But otherwise I’m thankful for a lot of things. I’m thankful that I’m healthy. I’m thankful that on any given day I’m happy. I’m thankful for what little family I have left and the friends that I count as family. I’m thankful that I have an interesting job where I can share silly science jokes, even if my request to add Withnail & I to the collection was denied (in favor of Avatar, ick). But all of these wonderful things? They are not what will be on today’s list, at least not entirely.


So what am I thankful for in life? Ranging from the ridiculous (flannel) to the sincere (you):

10. Whatever I’ve forgotten to include on this list. There’s always something.

9. New England literature. Because if I can’t live there, I can at least live vicariously through characters that do. Thank you Stephen King and John Irving.

8. Flannel. I don’t care if it sounds ridiculous, I’m so happy flannel is back in fashion, at least moderately so. Clearly I should’ve lived in Seattle in the ‘90’s. Or at least on the set of Singles.  It’s warm, it’s comfortable, it helps elevate my body temperature slightly above that of an icicle. Because no matter how funny it is when people yelp when I touch them, it’s a little bit sad too.

7. Authors. It’s surprisingly lovely when an author acknowledges and appreciates your opinion. This happened to me this year and I was grateful every time (I was totally awestruck by Kelly Braffet). And, of course, they write the books I love.

6. Summer. Considering it’s too cold for the snow to even melt, I’m ready for July. Obviously I like autumn too, but it is by far the shortest season in Colorado.

5. The song that saves your life. Not Dark Yet by Bob Dylan saved mine. I’m continually thankful that I heard this song at the moment I did.

(Okay, saying it saved my life gives it slightly more credit than it deserves, but it was still a very important moment to my adolescent self.)

4. Laughter. I dearly love to laugh. A few of you consistently make me laugh and for that I am very grateful.

(And I love that 90% of you will know where I stole that line from.)

3. Television. What have I discovered this year? The Walking Dead and Twin Peaks.

(Subcategory: Netflix, because I’m far, far too cheap to pay for cable.)

2. Books. Books can make you feel a little less alone in the world, especially considering their enjoyment is a solitary activity.

1. You. Yep, if you are reading this, I’m thankful for you. I’m especially thankful for those of you who have taken the time to comment, email, or interact with me on facebook/twitter/google chat. I love hearing from you. Some of us have exchanged birthday presents and random postcards, some of us have whined about fictional characters like they are real, and not one of you called me pretentious when I used the word cloven in my video post. So thank you. I like you. I appreciate you. I’m glad to have found you.

What are you thankful for? Ridiculous, profound, inane – I want to hear them all.

54 thoughts on “Thankful: A Top Ten List

  1. Nice list. Of course I got all up myself when I read #1

    Singles – had totally forgotten about that show until you mentioned it – I LOVED that show! Your mention prompted memories of my other favourite from a similar era – This Life (I was completely obsessed). (And also Teachers and North Square…now I’m getting carried away).


    1. Well of course, #1 is about you.

      Although, sincerely, I think you were one of my first blogging friends. I mean what are the odds that there was another person out there tying books and recipes together?

      Singles is a television show AND a movie. The grunge-filled latter is the one I’m referring to, although I’ve seen both. And I loved North Square (it was then I realized that I intended to marry Kevin McKidd), it taught me everything I ever needed to know about barristers. 😉


    1. It’s fixable, but the amount it cost to fix it was nearly as much as a new one. So I am the owner of a new washer, delivered next Monday. That’s as good of an excuse as any to ignore laundry for a week…


    1. Seriously, I have better things to do with $100 a month. I do the same. And, except when I’m on Hulu-free, I don’t have to sit through commercials. Win-win.


  2. Well personally I love #10 most, but the others are pretty cool 😛 (I’m forgetful)
    Summer made my list too, but it’s summer here now, so my appreciation is pretty acute.
    LOVE New England. If I were to live in the USA, it would have to be somewhere there. Stone walls and green landscapes and STUFF… yes please.
    Happy Thanksgiving 🙂


    1. Thanks!

      #10 is necessary for me, mostly because there’s no way I’m only thankful for ten things, so something is forgotten every time.

      I grew up in New England and miss it, especially in the summer (not as much in the winter, though Colorado is not much better when it comes to the cold).


  3. I don’t like Summer 😦 I’m glad you mention authors, I also find it quite exciting and nice when an author acknowledges your opinion or say thanks. Of course I am agreeing with books too!


    1. My single biggest traffic day came from an author tweeting my link, I’ve never come close to that again. It’s so nice when they say thank you, because they really don’t have to and it should be me thanking them – after all they did write a book I love.


    1. Flannel in the summer? Yes, I even do that. It looks something like this (swap fluffy white skirt with denim shorts…fluffy white skirts don’t happen).

      I’m glad it’s back in fashion too, I don’t have to hunt for it on ebay anymore (I didn’t stop either). Everyone’s carrying it.


      1. You just fulfilled #4 on my list – I’m trying to picture myself in a fluffy white skirt. Just add some sparkles, a tiara, and boy bands and I think I’ve just created my very own version of hell.

        (This would all be occurring in the international security line at an airport, because that sort of defines hell.)


  4. I’m putting together my TTT right now, but I think it’s really hard listing only 10 things. I’m grateful for so many things in life. Almost everyday I think about the things I have and the things I love. But I’m trying my best. I love your list: especially the flannel part 😉


  5. I am WITH you on Netflix. Cable prices are so insane. I’m really surprised that anyone still has it cause you know… the internet. I bought a flannel shirt the other day 🙂 I really bought it because I liked the colors and I don’t have many shirts to match my brown boots, but it’s exciting. I already wore it out to dinner once.

    And we’re all thankful for you too 😀 Bloggers can be pretty awesome.


    1. I am too. I like Netflix because I like to watch things legally, but really it’s not even necessary. Flannel is awesome no matter the reason you bought, I personally am fond of buffalo plaid, it’s the print I wear the most often.

      Aw, thanks. They really can, it was an unexpected surprise, once for which I am truly grateful.


  6. Aw I love this! That’s so sweet. I am an avid no-flannel person, but only because I feel like it makes me look like a lumberjack. . . although a petite lumberjack I guess. Either way, I’m in it for summer. How do people choose to live in the cold??? I don’t get it! I’m an almost-native Floridian and can’t wait to get back home to warmth, sun, and tans!


    1. I live with the cold and I hate it. I imagine I look like a petite lumberjack too. I also know some of my flannels do nothing for me, as I swim in them (a definite downside of being tiny), but I can’t bring myself to mind – it’s so cold that there’s nothing I want to show off anyway.

      I lived in Florida for a bit (outside Tampa) and I can’t say I loved it, but I do miss the coast (especially as opposed to CO).


      1. Oh my gosh I thought for a minute you SWIM like in the water in your flannel. Hahaha! That’s what I get for reading this on an empty stomach. I had to read it 3x to realize you mean “it’s big.” Oy. . .

        My husband’s family is from Tampa, but I’m from the “better” coast (east coast!!!), West Palm area. Although now my husband and I live in Central FL, but on the east coast.


  7. I may not be big on flannel for fashion, but I’m all for it when curling up during the cold Utah winters. (Last year was the coldest on record in ten years, so everyone’s waiting to see what this year will bring.) Flannel, and also fleece, anything soft and warm to curl up with a good book, you know? Great list! So much to be thankful for, it’s hard to just name ten.

    My TTT


    1. I wear a lot of flannel and have a fleece blanket that I curl up with, needless to say I shock everything I’m around. Colorado had a mild winter last year, so I think it’ll probably be bitter cold this year. But as we had a super snowy spring I’m hoping that season will come early this year. If I could skip winter altogether I would. Maybe just a snow or two.


    1. There’s a lot of…botany in that movie. And it’s better than Avatar, which isn’t even mildly Earth related. I can’t believe I lost that argument.

      I haven’t watched this season’s TWD yet (just the first three), but I’m excited to.


    1. I grew up about 45 minutes north of Boston. I miss it (and the coast) dearly for about three season a year. I don’t mind looking like a lumberjack – a petite, girly lumberjack.



  8. #9 – What is it about New England that seems to be the perfect setting for a story? Maybe because it always seems to be Autumn? I also love anything set in England as well – the cold, the moors, the tea.
    #4 – “You smell fluffy”. Thank YOU for the laughter 😀
    #1 – Right back at you!


    1. #9 – It’s because New England IS, in fact, perfect. I’m exaggerating a little, because England always seem perfect to – for anything bleak at least.

      #4 – You’re welcome. The only the better than people saying bizarre things to me is sharing the bizarre things they say.

      #1 – 🙂


  9. I had no idea flannel was back in style. I must get some. I am always freezing too, to the point of people yelping and boyfriend getting upset because my apartment is so warm. 😛 Books, summer are on my list. Also, scarves.


    1. I figure it’s back in mainstream style when H&M starts selling it. I live in a drafty old house, so I can’t actually afford to keep my house heated to a normal temperature – I set it somewhere around 64-65 and just bundle up.

      The only thing I like more than reading books is reading books at the beach. I totally should have put the beach on my list.


  10. Oh man, I love the crap out of this list. FLANNEL! I have flannel sheets (penguin print, of course) and I adore them. I didn’t realize flannel was cool again (central Illinois lags behind fashion trends) but I’m stoked to hear it!


    1. Yay. I have ridiculous flannel Christmas sheets. I always feel like I should be be slightly embarrassed when people see them – they’re dancing snowmen – but then I realize I have no shame when it comes to twee/kitsch.

      And don’t feel bad about central Illinois, in Colorado it’s perfectly acceptable to accessorize any outfit with cowboy boots (this includes suits). So.


  11. I’m so jealous of everyone that gets to live in New England, too. I spent summers in Maine and Vermont as a teenager and I don’t think I’ll ever accept the fact that a gorgeous Maine beach house just isn’t in the cards for me (at least not right now…or anytime in the near future).


    1. I am too. The winters can be harsh, but I feel like the summer and fall make up for it.

      And I too dream about a Maine beach house. I’ve already settled on the fact that it will probably never happen. If you happen to get back to this comment, where in Maine did you spend your summers? I practically lived at York Beach (Long Sands specifically).


  12. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful that you are one of my must read blogs – always entertaining, whip smart and funkily comic.
    I own flannel Christmas LOBSTER pajamas. I forgot to bring them out to the family trip and it was 7 this morning in Nebraska.
    Oh, I am thankful that I’m missing today’s New England storm by traveling to the Midwest. Go figure.


  13. 8. I love flannel, 90s Seattle would have made me happy as well. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, as a Brit I’m not really thankful at all in this situation hehe.


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