Empire Falls by Richard Russo: A Literary Soundtrack

Empire Falls by Richard Russo is one of my favorite contemporary novels by one of my favorite contemporary authors. It’s one of the novels I love so much that I can’t actually articulate why I love it. As an alternative for a review, synopsis, or anything of the like, I decided to create a soundtrackContinue reading “Empire Falls by Richard Russo: A Literary Soundtrack”

Nobody’s Fool by Richard Russo

Life is but a joke*. Just ask Bob Dylan. I’ve recently had a string of rather aggravating, melancholy days. The shit has hit the fan more than once, to put it eloquently. Today was the final straw; I’ll set the scene for you. It’s 100+ degrees, not a cloud in sight – so it’s sweltering.Continue reading “Nobody’s Fool by Richard Russo”

Literary Pairings: Books & Music

I’m trying out a new (monthly? weekly?) feature here on FSR. Although I generally pair books with food mentioned within the text, I thought I’d pair favorite quotations with a thematically matching song. Am I the first to do this? Certainly not. I’m not sure there are any original ideas in the world anymore, butContinue reading “Literary Pairings: Books & Music”

The Long, Hot Summer: A Top Ten List

I’m going to complain about the weather (the same weather I just joyously celebrated the arrival of). I’m officially boring. For eight months of the year, it snows (October-May). I don’t like snow. For the rest of the year, it’s hot. If I had access to any type of cooling system, I might not complain,Continue reading “The Long, Hot Summer: A Top Ten List”

Being thankful: A top ten list

Today I am thankful. I am thankful for the authors and books that inspire me. Books, and the authors who write them, have made me happy and sad and angry and afraid and fulfilled and understood and a little less alone. I am in awe of you. So in honor of this, I am givingContinue reading “Being thankful: A top ten list”

Favorite quotations: a top ten list

I am not a writer nor have I ever particularly aspired to be one (I recently had to google  #NaNoWriMo, why I insist on including information that embarrases me in this post – I do not know). I am, however, a dedicated and voracious reader. I think for readers in particular, finding and identifying with certain writers hasContinue reading “Favorite quotations: a top ten list”