Word: A Top Ten List

This week’s top ten: words/topics/what have you that will make you pick up a book (as hosted by The Broke and The Bookish), in this case I am limiting it to fiction. I read plenty of non-fiction in my professional reading, so it is not an area I often explore voluntarily (unless it’s cookbooks – those I love, especially when someone cooks for me).

Naturally I included librarians on the list. If you have a spare moment, go peruse My Daguerreotype Librarian ‘[a] tumblr dedicated to literally or figuratively hunky and babely librarians from the past’.


10. Pugalism/Kickboxing/Fighting. I like to fight (in the fun way), both physically and verbally, so it’s a subject I enjoy reading about in books – books like Donnybrook, Fight Club, and The Half Brother. Oddly enough, I hate yelling and raised voices.

9. Titles. A good title goes a long way. I like a good pun (NOS4A2), a double entendre (Amity & Sorrow), or an entertaining title (Another Bullshit Night in Suck City).

8. Librarians. You know that librarians secretly control the world, right? Books (and comics) with fabulous librarians: NOS4A2 and Batgirl, for example. A few famous librarians from history: Cassanova, Benjamin Franklin, and Lewis Carroll.

7. Books set on the beach during the height of summer featuring parties and the consumption of alcohol. Hot and humid weather optional, but preferred. If you looked up this setting in a dictionary, you’d see Tigers in Red Weather.

6. Civil War. I am fascinated by the Civil War. One of the books I am most anticipating this summer is The Good Lord Bird by James McBride.

5. Mischief at New England boarding schools. Simply because I always wanted to go to one and wear the fancy uniforms (in my mind they always have uniforms).

4. Humor. And specific types of humor – promise me black comedy and satire I’ll be your slave for life.

3. Archaeology I had the best intentions of being the next Indiana Jones. That honor went to Shia LeBeouf. I am still deeply offended and now possess a myriad of useless undergraduate degrees.

2. Water (swimming, surfing, diving, etc.). I mentioned here that I am very proficient at water sports and I mentioned here that I surfed in a hurricane. So, yes, water and I get along swimmingly, I could not fathom my life without it.

1. Do the words Stephen King appear somewhere in the author slot? Yes? Then I’ll probably read it, even if it’s awful.

I can’t tell you how much of the above list is true, though it’s probably not much. I just like to read (and I’ll read most anything). Do I enjoy a book with a boarding school setting? Sure. Will I automatically buy a book set in a boarding school? No. Did you know that today is NOS4A2’s release day and I am trying to see how many times I can mention the book? Now you do…

What word (or topic) will make you pick up a book?

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21 thoughts on “Word: A Top Ten List

    1. There not necessarily books I will always read, but I do like to pick them up and read the synopsis.. I tend to like them more if they are a normal portrayal of life (and everyone’s not super wealthy).


    1. And of course everyone is always good looking and rich and ends up at an ivy league institution. I definitely read them more for fun than for reality, although that quite possibility could be their reality…


  1. i should have put humor, too, cause it’s definitely a big plus, if not a prerequisite. also, why didn’t i think of putting boarding schools? i love those books!


    1. Anything can happen at a boarding school. Pranks (Frankie Landau-Banks), murder (Kate Brian books), hauntings (I’m not recalling the title of this one…).

      And humor makes the world a bit more bearable.


  2. Mischief at New England boarding schools should always involve uniforms (a la Dead Poet’s Society.) I am devastated that Shia Le Beouf got your role in Indiana Jones. I haven’t liked him in anything since Even Stevens. I want to go on an archaeology adventure! We shall get muddy and solve ancient mysteries!


    1. I was never so relieved as when I heard that Shia wasn’t going to be in Horns and Daniel Radcliffe was cast instead. He is one of those people who needs to learn the value of brevity.

      Yes! Let’s go on an archaeology adventure, preferably on a beach in Greece. We could find the lost Library of Alexander the Great like in Tomb Raider.


      1. The backyard of my childhood home was completely dug up before I left it. My husband’s family has a house across the street from the beach in Greece, so I’ll provide the beach you two bring snacks and drinks. Seriously, am told you can dig virtually anywhere in Greece and come up with a piece of something or other so we’d probably not go home empty handed!

        Love books about archeology, boarding schools, the holocaust, books about books, any mention of an attic, Italy, France and now Greece 🙂


      2. That sounds like a plan to me. Especially today as I am surrounded by snow – I could certainly use a trip to Greece (I am half-Greek, my father was from there, alas – no house though).


    1. Thanks. It’s important to note that I prefer to read my beach books on the beach. I need a vacation.

      And, of course, librarians will someday take over the world. The CIA agrees too.


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