Making: I tried Martha Stewart’s One Pot Pasta. Aside from too much salt, it was good! Drinking: Mexican Coke. Reading: Andersonville // Edward M. Erdelac Coveting: Boats. I have no need for a boat, but they look glorious. I’d settle with a canoe at this point. Listening: Too much Taylor Swift. Don’t ask. Watching: Sunsets on Lake Tahoe. It’sContinue reading “Lately.”

Hot, Humid, and Ill-Tempered: A Guide to Grit Lit

Grit lit is a hard term to pin down. Is it literature that is gritty? Is it exclusively southern? Modern? Gothic? Hillbilly noir? A novel filled with hard-drinking, punch-throwing, snake-oil selling men and women? By definition it seems undefinable – a “know it when you read it” kind of experience. There’s even an anthology (featuringContinue reading “Hot, Humid, and Ill-Tempered: A Guide to Grit Lit”

Now Reading…

So we’re midway through June already…? That’s hard to believe. Because of all the family upheaval, this month has felt weird. Not to mention the weather! It’s been cold by Colorado standards. Now that I’ve gotten the obligatory, mundane whining (weather and personal!) out of the way – on to summer reading! I’m still meanderingContinue reading “Now Reading…”

{Like This, Read That} Deadwood

Deadwood may be one of the finest television shows ever written. In my opinion – for whatever that’s worth – it certainly had the best dialogue of any show ever aired. It’s early cancellation was criminal (right behind Firefly). Ian McShane’s acting is sublime and Timothy Olyphant is not bad by any stretch of theContinue reading “{Like This, Read That} Deadwood”

The Stephen King Movie Guide for the Adventurous Movie Watcher Who Adds Anything Described as Laughably Bad to the Must See List and Isn’t Scared of Anything (Even Really Scary Things).

Because bad is good. There are plenty of best and worst Stephen King adaptation lists out there. And while I think the tendency is to remember how many truly terrible movies he’s put out there, there are a lot of great ones that don’t quite seem “Stephen King” – like The Shawshank Redemption, Stand byContinue reading “The Stephen King Movie Guide for the Adventurous Movie Watcher Who Adds Anything Described as Laughably Bad to the Must See List and Isn’t Scared of Anything (Even Really Scary Things).”

King’s March 2015: Link Up #3

It was a long week around these parts, but I was happy to be able to fit in a little bit of Stephen King. In this case, I revisited a few older, less favored titles. It’s tough to review books that you wouldn’t necessarily recommend, because why would I want to spend a couple of hoursContinue reading “King’s March 2015: Link Up #3”

Stephen King: A Literary Gift Guide

  So you’re trying to figure out what to get the Stephen King fan in your life. Sure, you could go the traditional route and get a book, but what happens if they own all of them? Even Rage (in which case, they could probably afford the pricey concert t-shirt I’m pining over)? Here’s a list featuringContinue reading “Stephen King: A Literary Gift Guide”

Movie Adaptations: The Unknown Edition

I make an honest attempt to read the book before seeing the movie, but sometimes I see a movie (or watch a show) that I had NO IDEA was based on a book. From the ‘book to film adaptation’ genre, which I made up solely for today’s list, I’ve somehow missed reading these staples: 10.Continue reading “Movie Adaptations: The Unknown Edition”